Sunday, 19 June 2011

Dinner at Restaurant du Vieux Four, Crillon Le Brave

On Ronelle's last evening with us, we went out to dinner at the Restaurant Vieux Four in Crillon Le Brave.

Two sketches this time - one of the food and one of Sarah and Robyn who were sat opposite me on the terrace with their backs to Mont Ventoux and Bedoin.

Meal at Restaurant Le Vieux Four Crillon Le BraveMy three courses comprised
  • Duo de Chevre - tapenade at tomatoes cerise (Goat's Cheese with tapenade and cherry tomatoes)
  • Filet de Loup Rot, creme au basilic (Fillet of Sea Bass and Basil Cream sauce) and
  • Veloute d'Abricot Carimelise et son sorbet (Caramelisd apricot veloute with cherries, red currants and a red berry sorbet)
I switched between drawing the meal and sketching Sarah and Robyn - to comments as to how I might improve how they were looking!

Sarah and Robyn at Crillon Le Brave
We nearly got our departure just right as the heaven opened and rain began to plop in large drops just as we were getting up to leave. Fortunately it was on of those downpours which is heavy for a couple of minutes and then eases off

We scooted back to the car stopping en route - at Sarah's request - for a quick spot of night sketching


Dermott said...

No brown rice on the menu? I'd've gone home hungry.

Who's that doing her best coy Veronica Lake* on the right?

*Yes, that ages me. I'm close to 90 in human years, after all.

Marian Fortunati said...

You sound like you're all having a ball!!

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

Mmm..was so good, I wouldn't have minding having it tonight.
Hope you're all doing well, have good weather and the fun continues?

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