Thursday, 30 June 2011

Sarah Wimperis is Home

Crillion Le Brave Steps, watercolour

Pots on the Terasse, Gouche, small.

The Rode Home, Gouche, small

The Well, Gouache, small

Vine, Gouche, small
I am home, finally, back in Cornwall after two plane flights, a car journey, night at my mums, to collect the dog, and a long drive down to the heel of Cornwall.  My dear Big Dave has made a lovely meal and I have a large glass of wine.  I miss Provence already and am about to indulge myself with a viewing of Jean de Florette.  Can I be homesick for somewhere already?  On my last full day I got up at 5am and climbed part way up the magical mountain, Mont Ventoux, between ancient crags of white bleached limestone.  I placed my right hand on a rock face and rubbed some red sand around it, time travelled, and while I was travelling a bit of my heart became part of that mountain.
I will post more pictures tomorrow, in the meantime I hope you enjoy some small gouache paintings of a very special part of the world.


Bridget Hunter said...

These are wonderful little works that show how much you enjoyed painting there.

vivien said...

absolutely beautiful

and I look forward to seeing all the rest :>)

annie said...

As Bridget says...and your taking us along means that we enjoyed watchingyou paint...

Katherine Tyrrell (ipad) said...

Glad to hear you got back OK!

looking forward to seeing all your work posted on the blog. it'll be good to see it all together.

ruth said...

absolutely beautiful on every count sarah. thank you for feeling so deeply and conveying the home and the landscape we love so much. hope we meet there soon!

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