Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The first time I went painting in Provence

...the BBC came too.  I kid you not.

There I was (in 1989?) trying to get to grips with painting with proper watercolours - and there was the BBC crew filming our painting party.  Actually I was trying to remember how to paint period as I'd not done anything for about 16 years!

I've still got the video of the BBC Holiday Programme featuring Ann Gregg trying a painting holiday in Provence - and all of us developing our paintings

Here's a couple of photos of our trip to Sault - a town close to where we are going to be staying in Provence.  I'm looking forward to going back again to visit the market and seeing the lavender fields from the top of the escarpment.

The first photo below is of Ann Gregg - sat centre in a pink T shirt - painting produce on a market stall.  It was taken by me sat in the shade and painting Ann Gregg painting the market stall!  Little did I know that the BBC was off to the left of this view filming me painting Ann!

Ann Gregg painting in Sault, Provence
The next photo is of the view from Sault and the BBC film crew filming a "set up" shot.  Martin, the chap in the striped T Shirt, was the Director and I think we managed to get him painting by the end!

The BBC film crew - on the left - film the tutor and student discussing composition on the right!
We didn't know when the programme was going to air.  This led to me spending a complete winter making sure I was always at home with video ready to record for every episode.

I think our film aired in the last episode of the season - complete with the evocative music from the Pagnol film Jean de Florette - which was filmed in the Vaucluse!


Villas in Provence said...

Lovely photos. Does it make you a bit nostalgic? I hope you have an amazing time visiting Provence again!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Very nostalgic!

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

It will be interesting to hear wht your thoughts are this time, after such a long time and having memories...I'm sure your "company" will add a special zest to your painting this time round...hehe.

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