Monday, 13 June 2011

Sunday lunch and sketching at Hotel Crillon Le Brave

Yesterday I did a mini stockup at the supermarket in Bedoin and then went to find some lunch.

I knew there were a couple of places at Crillon Le Brave which did decent meals and had views of the surrounding countryside from their terrace. So off I went having decided I'd eat at whichever I found first.

Lesson #1 - Satnavs can't cope with hilltop villages. The streets get too narrow. This can lead to taking an inadvertent wrong turn.

Lesson #2 - I haven't lost the skill to do the endless three point turn when car has gone down the wrong alley and is now poised with nowhere else to go to go and the camber is very wrong on both axes. Take a deep breath and start very slowly to turn the car round still works fine!

Lunch was taken at the Hotel Crillon Le Brave which has a splendid terrace and very nice food too.

Here are the five sketches I did. They are:
  • The view from where I was sat in the restaurant at the Hotel Crillon Le Brave
  • My lunch: mediterranean fish soup, aioli and croutons; tuna steak, shaved fennel salad and aioli tartine and a floating island in lavender
  • The view from the terrace of Mont Ventoux and Bedoin in the distance


annie said...

Splendid atmosphere, Katherine. The lunch crowd and the sea beyond,and then the meal, itself.

Katherine Tyrrell (ipad) said...

Not sea Annie - that's atmospheric perspective and the distant hills

I'm still trying to work out the right colours for deep soft blue which is a bit washed out!

annie said...

Oh, well, that's me. I long for the sea out here in the middle of the Texas boonies-- so I may be seeing a lot of hallucinated seas in your 4's paintings during your trip. However, away from here, I miss the gorgeous big skies. Can't have everything, can we?

Stacy said...

Katherine, did you get all 5 sketches finished during the course of one meal time? Very impressive! I would have had to stay for all three meals to get that much done. I so love the idea of the four of you creating memories and sketches in Provence. What artist doesn't dream of a vacation like that? Please let us know when your house mates have arrived safely.

Casey Klahn said...

I favor this terrace view - nicely done!

Katherine Tyrrell (ipad) said...

Stacy - one meal eaten slowly over about three hours

However eqch course of the meql took about five minutes to draw plus indicqtions of colours

Olha Pryymak said...

How scrumptious. Did you bring your ipad along for sketching? Also, can't wait for the oils

Katherine Tyrrell (ipad) said...

I brought the ipad along for the sketching and the communication: It's currently playing a major role in getting i,ages off my camera and onto Flickr:

shirley fachilla said...

The view from the terrace is wonderful. Love the patterns of the fields and the distance conveyed.

Katherine Tyrrell (ipad) said...

Great comments for giving me some direction as to future paintings!

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