Ronelle van Wyk

Ronelle lives right next to River Loire near Tours in the Touraine.  She is a very keen on cooking and painting.  In May this year, Ronelle acquired a small gallery in Beaulieu and now needs to fill it with her new paintings!

The Big Question:  As Ronell is only coming for one week, how many paintings can Ronell manage to produce inbetween teaching the other three how to cook some of her marvellous recipes?

Personal Blogs:  Her personal blogs are:
  • African Tapestry Hope you see some artwork that pleases you, if not now, maybe next time…
  • My French Kitchen - Life in a kitchen is an everyday audition and here I telltale of my surrender to the failures, the successes, the hitches and pleasures and always joyous gatherings that life in a kitchen forks out.
  • Le Coin Perdu - This is a recount of our life at Coin Perdu, our farm in Puy d'Arnac, Correze, France; the backaches, the sore muscles, the band aids, the mistakes and bloopers, the embarrassments and humiliations, but also the laughs and giggles, the sharing, the joy of accomplished tasks, the relaxing barbecues and red wine after hard days, the new friendships, the lessons learnt and the joy in seeing dreams take shape.
Group Blogs:  She also participates in the following group blogs:
  • Watermarks - creating art from water
  • A Postcard from My Walk - Every month we each create a postcard from a walk
    ....and send it around the world another member of the Sketchercise group

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