Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A thunderstorm in Provence..

My three artist buddies are stuck in the Vaucluse without phone, without internet, but hopefully with enough cherries to keep them going! They had a huge storm last night which struck out the phone and internet and fired right into the wall sockets.
This storm has been brooding since the day before I left and I sat on the side terrace the afternoon sketching the skies over Mont Ventoux. It was hot and "lourd" typical storm weather and that night we had but a few large drops.

...clouds over Mont Ventoux...
gouache on paper
(started out as a watercolor flop and then I painted over it with in Correze!)
So I hope we'll see some still lifes from them while they are confined to the house and surroundings today. Julian and Ruth have magnificent pottery which just beg to be painted. I got so enthusiastic about pottery when I was there that I am now looking out for some beautiful pieces of my own, even though I never though myself a pottery person!

I got to do only one still life of some of their pottery and if ever I would steal something from their lovely would be this set of coffee pot and mugs and bowls...helas, my mom brought me up with a conscience, so it is still in the cupboard of Les Couguieux, but I at least have a sketch!!
Hang in there you three and do some still lifes in the meantime!!!


annie said...

Thanks for the update, Ronelle. I love your pottery sketch. I've never seen a potager "in person" and Ruth's and Julian's place must have been interesting to see.

vivien said...

well it's a great success now :>)

we had that once when we stayed in the Vosges mountains - the house was hit and a plug shot out of the socket!

Katherine Tyrrell (ipad) said...

Nice post Ronelle - we've now found the wifi hotspot at the Relais in town where I am currently sat with a cup of black coffee.

Sarah Wimperis said...

Hey Ron, that gouache is FAB!

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