Friday, 24 June 2011

Mont Ventoux and the vines

This is a sketch for a pastel I'm thinking of doing. I've christened my new A3 size Moleskine Sketchbook this week and this is the third sketch in it. It's a big view so it seemed sensible to work out how it worked and what colours a involved before I start thE pastel - which might wait until I get home.

Sarah sends her regards but is unable to post following the thunderstorm. I can only post via my Flickr account and the hotel bar of the Hotel Relais de Ventoux.

Today we discovered that there are road works and we have no water so I had a wash with "wet ones" and am hoping I'm not offending the locals!

Fortunately coloud pencils don't need water.

Today is Robyn's last day and she's getting ready to go home in her lovely new car via all the tunnels and viaducts which connect the South of France to the North of Italy.

Meanwhile Sarah is painting a blue chair and lavender.


annie said...

Katherine, it looks as if you have a tapestry of greens making up the landscape. So lovely, and I am looking forward to seeing the pastel.
It's disappointing that Robyn is leaving and Sarah can't post, but what a wonderful time this has been following all of you in Provence.

Cate Tuten said...

I am so enjoying your posts and art and writing....I love your art work, but I just love your writing fresh and creative and colorful, just like your water-colors and pastels.....Blessings to you on your wonderful adventure!! Cate Tuen

Anita said...

What a lovely view! Who would not want to paint it!

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