Sarah Wimperis

Sarah lives close to the Helford River in Cornwall.  She is an artist and illustrator and has been blogging since January 2006.  She paints Cornwall and the Helford daily using oils and watercolour.

She will be taking time out from her current project, to paint the same view of the river as many days as is possible for a year, to go "Painting in Provence"

The Big Question - Will she manage the change in colours and temperature, has she got a big enough hat and will she just drink too much wine to be able to paint at all?

Personal Blogs: Her personal blogs are:
  • The Red Shoes - Where I post my paintings, sketches, mumbles and ramblings, usually about painting.
  • Illustration by Sarah Wimperis - Exactly that, an occasional record of my illustration work and every now and then something else that I may have made.
Group Blogs:  She also participates in the following group blog:
  • Watermarks - "Watermarks is a small community of artists who make art from water. We like to sketch, draw and/or paint water - the sea, the coastline, beaches, rivers, streams, waterfalls, fountains - in all contexts, styles, genres and media."

You can also browse her web site:
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