Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Late Sunday afternoon

Late Sunday afternoon by makingamark2
Late Sunday afternoon, a photo by makingamark2 on Flickr.

I've had my eye on the wisteria round the door to the dining room since the beginning of the holiday. Late Sunday afternoon I rose to the challenge.

I think it was the rather interesting shadows cast by the chair which provided the stimulation to "have a go".

there won't be a post tomorrow morning as I'm taking Sarah to the airport at Marseilles for her flight home. She's done some 50+ paintings since she arrived so will have a lot to post when she gets home. The oils are now packed and she's now switched to watercolours.

Tonight we're going back to Vieux Four at Crillon Le Brave.

Tomorrow I'm planning a Van Gogh side trip to Arles http://www.beyond.fr/villages/arles-provence-france.html - where Van Gogh painted Starry Starry Night - and St Remy de Provence http://www.beyond.fr/villages/st-remy-de-provence-france.html where he painted a number of his more famous paintings. I'm going to look to see whether the Van Gogh trail is stilll there at the sanitorium where I first found it 20 years ago.

Then there was one. I'm looking forward to seeing posts from Robyn and Sarah posting again from their own computers.

PS. Julian and Ruth - I've just picked up the new modem from La Poste so you can start to arrange the works.


annie said...

You see such stimulating challenges, Katherine, like this chair shadow. I might have noticed it, if I'd been there--but surely too wimpy to try it. The end is coming too soon but what a delightful time it's been.

Hope you get to see the Van Gogh trail in Arles, again. I love Starry Night.

shirley fachilla said...

I so hope the Van Gogh trail is still there and that we will see some marvelous "Van Gogh was here" photos (and perhaps some paintings?) in future posts.

Anita said...

This conveys that late afternoon summer sunshine so well. Beautifully captured.

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