Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Painting vineyards and orchards in gouache

Yesterday Robyn and Ronelle arrived - one after the other with a microsecond pause between them - as they had met up on the road, having come from two completely different directions.

Yesterday afternoon and evening was spent walking around exploring our immediate neighbourhood followed by show and tell sessions for all our various art materials and art books which we'd brought with us.

This morning we walked down a local road to paint a scene not far from the house.

I painted in gouache for the first time in decades!

I managed to restrain myself from getting the coloured pencils out until after we'd returned to the house and had lunch. I now have two photos of before and after coloured pencils.

This was the before and the after is at the top of this post.

Morning painting in gouache

I'm hoping Robyn and Ronelle will start posting their work soon as well.

No sooner said than done, Katherine!

Gouache on blue ground

This was an experiment on a thin blue craft paper. I'm still trying to sort my gouache palette for Provence. Not there yet by a long shot.


Anonymous said...

I am in Gloucestershire where Coco the art hound will be spending her holiday...cant wait to get out there and get painting...see you soon!

Anita said...

I've never used gouache - what is the difference between that and watercolour? Love what you have done with this and your other sketches so far. Looking forward to seeing Robyn and Ronelle's work too.

Joan Tavolott said...

Oooh!!! I am so jealous of you ladies getting together. I love the paintings of the vineyards!!! Enjoy!

Katherine Tyrrell (ipad) said...

Anita - the difference is that watercolour can ob transparent (depends on what pigments/brands you use) but goache is opaque.

I'm using gouache as practice for oils!

Diana said...

wonderful, have a wonderful trip, sounds like so much fun! Love,Diana

vivien said...

a great start :>)

annie said...

Gosh...watching you work in gouache...Delightful. How did it seem after so many years? It will be fun to see what you do in oils. It must take longer to get those views down with colored pencils than with gouache?

Cathy Gatland said...

Did Ronelle arrive by bike, horse, or Bella?;) It must be non-stop chatter over there but you're already producing some lovely paintings, gouache becomes you Katherine and Robyn!

annie said...

OOOOPS. My eyes....Robyn, I love your gouache on the colored paper.
What fun everyone is having already.

And as Cathy says...how did Ronelle arrive?