Friday, 10 June 2011

The Chunnel and northern France

The interior of one of the Eurotunnel car trains makes a bit of diffence to the usual shot of the interior of a plane when off on overseas travels with a sketchbook.

I did a sketch of what I'm calling "The BMW Lads" - done while sat in my car travelling under the English Channel. There were an awful lot of flash and fast cars on the train - I lost count of the Ferraris and Porsches - and when I got to Calais I finally twigged. I'm guessing that it's the Le Mans 24 Hours race this weekend - beloved of all boys with fast toys - and tht they're all getting ready to talk engines and what their next car is going to be.

I've not yet worked out how to upload images while in the road so the sketch will be coming later.

I drove across the great big field which is northern France on the autoroute A26 - passing en route the place where the "Cloth of Gold" meeting took place between the English and French Kings many moons ago, plus the names of the First World War battles - the Somme, Vimy and Lens.

I'm now sat in my room just outside Epernay (south of Reims) and I'm contemplating a sketch of the champagne vineyards which surround the hotel.

However the next post will be about my sketching last night at The Grillade Gourmande - a Michlelin Bib restaurant - where I had the Menu Terroir Champenois, which I of course sketched before eating!


Robyn Sinclair said...

Oh, those would be The Lads alright. I hope I don't run into any of them. Great sketch!

Robyn Sinclair said...

Do you actually remain in your car for the trip through the Chunnel?

Katherine Tyrrell (ipad) said...

Yes - in the sense there`s nowhere else to go.

However it only takes about half an hour so no big deal. My first experience and I won`t be going back to ferries

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