Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A little night painting

Now I'm back home I've started to load all my photos into a Flickr Collection - Provence 2011 - for all to see - minus a few which will only be shared with those who visited Provence!

I thought I'd post a few of these to the blog so you can see what you would have seen while we were there if we hadn't had the lightning strike.

The first is to show you that Sarah not only produces lots of paintings - but also that she does it at all times of the day and night!

Here's a photo of her night painting on the night when we had the total eclipse of the moon.  That's as in plein air oil painting at night!

Sarah Wimperis - plein air oil painting at night


Sharon said...

This is totally amazing. Do her fingers ever get tired? Let alone her eyes. She is quite the prolific and talented artist. I admire her stamina and the stamina of the rest of you. Great feeling to get photographs organized. I can only imagine the ones you will NOT be Thank you for continuing to share all your great work.

Robyn Sinclair said...

Now there's a joyous memory of a mad and obsessive night!

I've always been enchanted by eclipses and to have such a splendid one during our stay in Provence was truly magical.

We could have done without the lightning strike though!!

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